Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Most of us do not know who is Goedel.Let me explain about him now.KurtGoedel found a solution of the field equations of General Relativity, which represents auniverse in which all the matter was rotating. In this universe, it would be possible to go off in a space ship, and come back before you set out. Goedel was at the Institute of Advanced Study, in Princeton, where Einstein also spent his last years. He was more famous for proving you couldn't prove everything that is true, even in such an apparently simple subject as arithmetic. But what he proved about General Relativity allowing time travel really upset Einstein, who had thought it wouldn't be possible.We now know that Goedel's solution couldn't represent the universe in which we live, becauseit was not expanding. It also had a fairly large value for a quantity called the cosmological constant, which is generally believed to be zero.

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