Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dimensions are confusing but really interesting

One of the most important topics is the dimensions.If you had not heard about this earlier you will be stunned for sure after you read the following.The surface of the Earth, is what is called a two dimensional space. That is, you can move on the surface of the Earth, in two directions at right angles to each other you can move north south, or east west. But of course, there is a third direction at right angles to these two, and that is up or down. That is to say, the surface of the Earth exists in three-dimensional space. The three dimensional space is flat. That is to say, it obeys Euclidean geometry. The angles of a triangle, add up to a hundred and eighty degrees.However, one could imagine a race of two dimensional creatures, who could move about on the surface of the Earth, but who couldn't experience the third direction, of up or down. They wouldn't know about the flat three-dimensional space, in which the surface of the Earth lives.For them, space would be curved, and geometry would be non-Euclidean.What It's like ripley's show huh???

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