Monday, June 23, 2008

Time and space interlinked

Einstein had realized in 1905, that space and time, are intimately connected with eachother. One can describe the location of an event by four numbers. Three numbers describe theposition of the event. They could be miles north and east of Oxford circus, and height abovesea level. On a larger scale, they could be galactic latitude and longitude, and distance from the center of the galaxy. The fourth number, is the time of the event. Thus one can think of space and time together, as a four-dimensional entity, called space-time. Each point of spacetime is labeled by four numbers, that specify its position in space, and in time. Combining space and time into space-time in this way would be rather trivial, if one could disentangle them in a unique way. That is to say, if there was a unique way of defining the time and position of each event. However, in a remarkable paper written in 1905, when he was a clerk in the Swiss patent office, Einstein showed that the time and position at which one thought an event occurred, depended on how one was moving. This meant that time and space, were inextricably bound up with each other. The times that different observers would assign to events would agree if the observers were not moving relative to each other. But they would disagree more, the faster their relative speed. So one can ask, how fast does one need to go,in order that the time for one observer, should go backwards relative to the time of another observer.Interesting na...I liked this very much

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